Who are you in your trio?

Who are you in your trio?

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    Do you have friends apart from your trio?

    • no
    • yes some of them but not many
    • a lot i talk to everyone
    • no my trio is not very close
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    Do you get invited to parties your trio go to

    • yes all of them
    • some of them
    • yeah but am the last one to be invited (i think is pity)
    • no
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    Do you often hang out?

    • yep i make all the plans its my house
    • yeah i often propose some ideas
    • um yeah i ussualy just go along with it
    • no 🙁
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    how do you feel about your friends?

    • i love them they are cuties
    • i like them they are nice and supportive
    • i love them they like me for who i am
    • they dont really pay much attnttion to me

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