Muse or artist?

I’m no one to tell you, but fk I will

  • Question of

    What for would you sell your soul?

    • Love
    • wouldn’t
    • Fame
    • Ability to love
    • Having a normal family and life in general
    • Money
  • Question of

    Small details?

    • I notice them all
    • I notice them all and it’s annoying af
    • I try to notice more since I’m probably way to ignorant
    • Nope not a lot at least
  • Question of

    Imagine a situation, you are running late to your school or place of work and in your way you notice you lost something. Something important that you really needed today. You go back your way since you need to find it and you see that homeless person found it. Question is, what would you do.

    • Tell them it’s mine, ask to give it back, and as kind of heart I will give them one dollar or something
    • ‘Shit they probably need it more then me’
    • I would not lose something on a first place I’m organised and I hate your question and your test
    • Tell them ‘hey it’s mine, can you please give it to me?’ And take it
    • Trick question I wouldn’t even notice that I lost something
  • Question of

    Happy pill?

    • Just get me high somehow please
    • Happy drink is better
    • they don’t work
    • Yes

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