Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations

Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations
Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations

It is common knowledge that celebrities face immense pressure regarding their physical appearance. Whether it is for a specific role, to maintain their public image, or due to other hidden motives, being constantly in the limelight can cause significant fluctuations in weight. Irrespective of the approaches they adopt, these individuals deserve admiration for the arduous path they have traversed to reach their current status.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of renowned personalities, ranging from Oprah to Ed Sheeran. Explore this compilation to discover which celebrities have emerged victorious in their struggle against weight gain.

Celine Dion Lost An Undisclosed Amount of Weight

Celine Dion stands as one of the most successful artists worldwide in terms of record sales. Given her demanding profession and busy timetable, it is understandable how food might not be her top priority. However, considering her extensive entourage, it is reasonable to assume that she has individuals solely dedicated to ensuring she is well-fed.

Celine Dion has faced criticism regarding her appearance, particularly her slim figure, during her recent concerts and public appearances. However, she confidently responded by stating that she is content with her appearance and in good health.

Kelly Rowland – 70 Pounds

Kelly Rowland’s current appearance would never suggest that she was once capable of carrying 70 pounds on her slender physique. Throughout her career as a singer, actress, songwriter, and now a TV personality, she has always been admired for her stunning figure.

Nevertheless, the process of childbirth can have a profound impact on anyone, and she faced some challenges in managing her weight after the birth of her first child. Being a singer in the entertainment industry, she had the advantage of having access to top-notch trainers and dietitians. Consequently, she made the decision to enlist the help of a personal trainer, adhered to a well-structured diet plan, and remained committed to it. As a result, she successfully shed an impressive 70 pounds within a short span of time following the birth of her child. This achievement is truly remarkable.

Melissa Joan Hart – 40 Pounds

Melissa Joan Hart, oh how can we not remember her as the teenage witch? The show has certainly undergone a transformation in recent times, especially with Netflix, but we will always remember who captivated us first! However, even with her magical abilities, Melissa Joan Hart was not immune to the changes that come with pregnancy. The actress gained weight during her pregnancy and bore little resemblance to her younger self (obviously!).

However, despite having around 40 pounds to shed, Hart remained undeterred. She decided to enroll in the Nutrisystem program and successfully shed all the excess weight, now resembling her teenage witch self more than ever!

 Tony Robbins – 20 Pounds

Life coaches are commonly recognized for their status as role models. Individuals admire them and seek their guidance in order to achieve their goals. Therefore, it is important for life coaches to embody the principles they teach and serve as living examples of how to live a fulfilling life. Tony Robbins is a prominent figure in this field, renowned for his ability to assist individuals in introspecting, assessing their lives, and pursuing their desires.

However, it appeared that Robbins was facing a personal challenge – his weight. Robbins, the author of “Unlimited Power,” utilized his own power to transform his mindset and way of living, resulting in a significant weight reduction. As a life coach, he made a point to engage in regular physical activity and maintain a well-balanced diet. Through his dedication and consistency, Robbins successfully shed 30 pounds and has managed to maintain his weight loss.

Queen Latifah – 30 Pounds

Latifah, the Queen, is an additional remarkable woman included in our compilation of awe-inspiring transformations. This accomplished record producer, rapper, and actress has consistently embraced her curvaceous physique and never felt any shame in showcasing it! Despite the media’s incessant intrusion and pressure on celebrities to conform to a specific weight, Latifah chooses to ignore such expectations.

However, there came a time when Latifah experienced the weight of expectations and made the choice to shed some weight. In contrast to those who opted for surgical interventions, Latifah was determined to pursue a more organic approach; indeed, she embarked on a journey of regular exercise and a balanced diet. No trendy shortcuts were taken, my friends – and as a result, she not only managed to lose 30 pounds but also successfully kept the naysayers at bay! Absolutely remarkable!

Ricki Lake – 100 Pounds

If you do not receive a favorable rating, simply make up for it excessively; at the very least, you will be aware that you can always appear on the television show hosted by Ricki Lake… hehe. Ricki Lake, the renowned actress and former host of a television program, has faced a continuous battle with her weight.

Fans were truly astounded and inspired by her remarkable journey when she dedicated herself to shedding a significant amount of weight. It is astonishing to learn that she managed to lose nearly 100 pounds! Although she received some assistance through gastric sleeve surgery, her current state of being healthy and physically fit is what truly counts.

Adele – 42 Pounds

Adele’s inner beauty shines through, regardless of what the scale may indicate, yet it is undeniably difficult to overlook her remarkable transformation. The renowned “Someone Like You” vocalist was recently seen enjoying a vacation alongside fellow British celebrities Harry Styles and James Corden, radiating sheer elegance. As reported by the “Mirror,” Adele has shed approximately 42 pounds, although it appears as if she has shed a hundred.

Adele, the songbird, has previously been open about her weight, expressing her realization that she needed to make a change. According to another report, Adele embraced this positive transformation in order to become the best mother she could be. How admirable, Adele!

Matthew McConaughey – 42 Pounds

Indeed, indeed, indeed. Undoubtedly, it is one of his most renowned phrases, but what surpasses that is the remarkable transformation Matthew McConaughey underwent for his character in “Dallas Buyers Club.” Recognized for his captivating southern charisma and disheveled blonde hair (oh, and that charming smile), he has certainly made a name for himself in the world of blockbuster films. Additionally, his unwavering dedication to every role he takes on is truly commendable.

Similar to Christian Bale, McConaughey also had a specific timeframe to transform his physique for his role, which was just a few months. With the guidance of a professional fitness trainer and dietitian, McConaughey managed to slim down significantly, resembling a stick-like figure. Although he followed a healthy diet, his calorie intake was restricted. This weight loss was not necessarily for health purposes, but rather an astonishing and remarkable transformation.

Oprah Winfrey – 26 Pounds

The woman who served as a great inspiration for a significant portion of the American population is none other than the remarkable Oprah Winfrey. This perpetually motivational figure, who revolutionized America through her renowned show “Oprah,” remained true to her determined mindset and resolved to lose weight independently. Without opting for any surgical interventions or procedures, Oprah chose to take a gradual approach and joined forces with the individuals at Weight Watchers. Undoubtedly, her endeavor proved to be a triumph! All that is required is unwavering consistency and self-confidence; nothing more!

Oprah embraced the renowned points system and even assumed the role of a spokesperson for the program, shedding more than 25 pounds through this partnership! Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that this endorsement added a staggering $65 million to her wealth. Although she was already financially secure, it wouldn’t be surprising if Oprah generously contributed this sum to a noble cause. Undoubtedly, she is a remarkable figure in every sense.

Paul Wall – 130 Pounds

Upon his arrival, rapper Paul Wall caused quite a stir in the music industry. However, at the onset of his career, he weighed nearly 320 pounds. Given the alarming number on the scale, it became imperative for him to shed some weight as his heart would not be able to sustain such a burden for much longer.

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, Wall had to adhere to a strict diet emphasizing balance, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low carbohydrate intake. Through his unwavering commitment, Wall successfully shed an astonishing 130 pounds! It is evident that his transformative journey has instilled a lasting dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Chaka Khan – 60 Pounds

No one loves me better…what an amazing song, right? Chaka Khan, the iconic disco queen that she is, has always been a true superstar. Her music revolutionized the industry, particularly with hits like “Tell Me Something Good,” “Hollywood,” and “Sweet Thing.” However, there was a time when the singer’s weight became a bit excessive, reaching over 200 pounds!

At that moment, she made a firm decision to take action. Instead of seeking the assistance of a surgeon, Chaka Khan successfully shed 60 pounds by making significant changes to her diet and embracing a regular fitness routine. The key to her success lies in her unwavering commitment and dedication. Today, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become second nature to Chaka Khan, resulting in her improved appearance.

Khloe Kardashian – 40 Pounds

Mentioning the Kardashians, Khloe, and her remarkable transformation, it is evident that she has achieved a significant change in her physique. Previously carrying some additional weight, she now proudly showcases a slimmer figure. Nevertheless, her motivation to attain such a transformation stemmed from a distressing breakup, which acted as a driving force for her.

Nothing spurs us on more than a relationship that soured. So adopting a strict diet and the help of a fitness trainer, Khloe managed to drop around 40 pounds following her breakup. Since then, she started her own show, “Revenge Body,” which seems appropriate, seeing as she can relate to the contestants!

Melissa McCarthy – 75 Pounds

Melissa McCarthy’s performance in “Bridesmaids” was truly remarkable. She delivered an outstanding performance that captivated us all. Interestingly, she has been active in the industry for quite some time, making her debut in the ’90s. It was her role in “Gilmore Girls” that truly brought her into the spotlight and made her a household name across America.

However, McCarthy consistently maintained a heavier physique, and understandably, she didn’t always appreciate being typecast as the comedic actress with a larger size. Stereotypes, right? Nevertheless, McCarthy achieved a significant milestone in her career through her weight: in 2016, she successfully shed 75 pounds without resorting to gastric bypass surgery! She simply dedicated herself to hard work and achieved her desired outcome. Bravo to her!

Mama June – 200 Pounds

Indeed, it is hard to overlook the reality TV series “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” Although we would prefer to distance ourselves from the realm of trashy reality TV, we must admit that it possesses a certain addictive quality. Nevertheless, let us move on. Mama June, the matriarch of the show, now finds herself on our list of celebrities who have gained a significant amount of weight. However, it is important to note that Mama June has always struggled with her weight and has been the target of numerous jokes due to her obesity. Nonetheless, she has proven her resilience and silenced her critics by shedding an impressive 300 pounds through gastric sleeve surgery.

Mama June stood out as a unique case – in certain situations, gastric sleeve surgery becomes a more feasible choice when the weight loss is significantly substantial. Subsequently, she opted for a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and also underwent a breast augmentation to enhance her self-confidence. For a comprehensive account of her transformation, you can tune in to her personal show titled “Mama June: From Not to Hot.”

Drew Carry – 80 Pounds

Drew Carey, a renowned comedian and influential figure in the entertainment industry, gained fame through his successful show “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” This remarkable show not only brought him recognition but also immense wealth. Surprisingly, in 1998, Carey was ranked as the 24th highest-paid entertainer by “Forbes.” During that year, he accumulated a staggering $45 million in earnings, in addition to receiving a substantial $750,000 per episode for his show “The Drew Carey Show.”

Regardless, despite the influx of money, there appeared to be a significant amount of food consumption without sufficient physical activity to burn those calories! Upon receiving a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes (the result of lifestyle choices), Carey assumed responsibility for his health and made the decision to prioritize shedding a few pounds. The comedian was resolute in his determination to achieve this naturally, without resorting to surgical intervention. Consequently, he committed himself and successfully lost 80 pounds. Farewell, Type 2 diabetes!

Lisa Riley – 140 Pounds

Lisa Riley, the renowned English actress and former “Strictly Come Dancing” star, has long grappled with weight issues. In addition to her acting stint on “Emmerdale” from 1995 to 2001, she also hosted “You’ve Been Framed” between 1998 and 2002, with an anticipated revival this year. Weighing nearly 300 pounds, Riley felt burdened and dissatisfied with her physical state. Nevertheless, she made a resolute decision to transform her lifestyle and shed the surplus weight!

The actress and presenter achieved an incredible feat by shedding a remarkable 140 pounds! This weight loss is equivalent to an entire person. Through immense dedication and unwavering determination, she relentlessly battled against herself and her excess weight. Admirable achievement!

Sharon Osbourne – 20 Pounds

Sharon Osbourne, the renowned TV personality and show host, is widely recognized as the spouse of the iconic rockstar Ozzy Osbourne. While she was once known as a somewhat unglamorous housewife during the 80s and 90s, she has since transformed herself by getting into shape and sporting a stylish haircut. Presently, she exudes an air of elegance and sophistication, aiming to embody the role of a distinguished lady of the manor.

Osbourne, similar to the celebrities mentioned in this compilation, successfully shed a considerable amount of weight by undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. This surgical procedure enabled her to lose nearly 30 pounds. Nevertheless, after seven years, she made the decision to have the sleeve removed as she discovered she could effectively manage her weight without it. It appears that Osbourne has maintained her excellent physical condition by following the Atkins diet, much like Kim K!

Jordin Sparks – 50 Pounds

The stunning former contestant of “American Idol” made her debut with the hit song “Tattoo” and left everyone amazed. Her career flourished, especially after collaborating with Chris Brown on a single that propelled her to instant fame. Delivering chart-topping hits and captivating her fans with her radiant smile, Sparks appeared to be living a worry-free life. Nevertheless, beneath the surface, not everything was as perfect as it appeared, and eventually, it started to become evident to her fans and the world.

The singer gradually began to gain weight, indicating that she was facing difficulties with weight gain. Consequently, this had a negative impact on her self-image and confidence, which also affected her ability to create music. However, she made the decision to motivate herself and adopted a healthy eating regimen while regularly exercising at the gym. The outcome is truly remarkable – she has shed nearly 50 pounds and now appears as a stunning and talented singer!

Mariah Carey – 30 Pounds

The woman who rakes in an astonishing $40 million annually, without fail, in royalties for the most renowned Christmas song of all time, makes her entrance. Mariah Carey, the unparalleled songstress, burst onto the scene in the 90s as a pop star with classical training and a physique that perfectly suited those little black dresses! Nevertheless, a pattern began to emerge over the years – the singer’s weight would fluctuate, especially after the birth of her twins with rapper Nick Cannon.

In 2017, the singer made a public announcement revealing that she underwent sleeve surgery, resulting in a significant reduction in weight and a more toned physique. With a modified diet, exercise routine, and the surgical procedure, she is expected to maintain her improved appearance in the long term.

Abby Lee Miller – 40 Pounds

Abby Lee Miller, despite her passion for dancing, ironically struggled to maintain her weight. Gaining recognition through the reality TV show “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” this prominent figure in the world of reality TV faced challenges when it came to her eating habits. The persona she portrayed on “Dance Moms” witnessed her physique gradually expanding, leading to a battle with excess weight.

However, there came a moment when the situation became extremely dire, leading her to the realization that consuming food would only result in a swift journey towards an untimely demise. This served as a profound awakening! Following a gastric sleeve operation and making some adjustments to her dietary habits, Abby Lee Miller successfully shed more than 40 pounds!

Carnie Wilson – 150 Pounds

Carnie Wilson, widely recognized as a member of the renowned 80s girl group Wilson and Phillips, possesses an innate musical talent. What makes this even more fascinating is the fact that Carnie is the offspring of Brian Wilson, a prominent figure in The Beach Boys. It is undeniably remarkable to proudly proclaim, “That’s my dad!” Although Carnie Wilson did not struggle with weight problems during her childhood and teenage years, it was only after the disbandment of the group that she experienced a significant weight gain.

Wilson experienced significant weight gain as a result of indulging in comfort eating, eventually reaching a staggering weight of nearly 300 pounds. However, it was at this critical juncture that she recognized the need to break free from this unhealthy pattern and embark on a transformative journey. After careful consideration, the singer determined that gastric sleeve surgery offered the most viable solution. Nevertheless, even this option presented its own set of challenges. Consequently, in 2012, she made the decision to undergo lap band surgery, a choice that proved instrumental in her remarkable weight loss of 150 pounds!

Marie Osmond – 50 Pounds

If you were to see her today, you would never guess that Marie Osmond had ever struggled with weight or age-related issues! Nowadays, Osmond proudly displays a slender and incredibly toned physique, as if she has discovered the secret to eternal youth.

However, it appears that she attributes her stunning appearance to Nutrisystem. In 2007, the renowned singer and performer became an ambassador for the brand, which played a significant role in her remarkable weight loss of 45 pounds! The customized diet program proved to be effective in helping her achieve her weight loss goals, eliminating the need for a tummy tuck. This achievement is quite impressive. Additionally, there were reports of a lucrative financial gain, with Osmond allegedly receiving a substantial $1.65 million for the partnership.

Missy Elliott – 70 Pounds

Missy Elliot, a renowned figure in the hip-hop industry, has embarked on a health transformation in the past few years. Beginning her journey in 2018, she made the decision to eliminate juices and sodas from her diet, opting for water instead. The most challenging part for her was giving up bread, but her dedication and perseverance ultimately led to successful results.

She perceives herself as more energetic and has regained her radiance. Maybe her commitment to health was influenced by her diagnosis of Graves’ Disease in 2011, a condition that impacts her thyroid.

Rebel Wilson – 66 Pounds

Rebel Wilson is currently dedicated to improving her health and making each year healthier. In 2020, she embarked on a journey of positive lifestyle changes, referring to it as “The Year of Health.” She prioritizes walking, staying hydrated, and steering clear of sugary and unhealthy foods. Although she acknowledges the challenges, she remains determined to persevere.

Wilson exercises every day of the week and is a devoted enthusiast of high-intensity interval training. Rebel, if you happen to come across this message, continue to persevere with your diligent efforts!

Seth Rogen – 30 Pounds

Seth Rogen, a well-known celebrity, has recently shed a significant amount of weight around his waistline. Previously recognized for his roles as the lovable, slightly overweight character in movies, Rogen has now embarked on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Despite his past comedic performances in popular films such as “Superbad,” the actor has made a noticeable transformation in his physical appearance.

By enlisting the help of a personal trainer and making improvements to his diet, the actor has successfully lost approximately 30 pounds. Not only is he experiencing the positive effects on his physical health, but he is also reaping the rewards in terms of his career, securing larger and more significant roles.

Chaz Bono – 85 Pounds

Chaz Bono, the offspring of the renowned pop icon Cher, has experienced several significant changes. Formerly known as Chastity Bono, Chaz has emerged as a prominent advocate for transgender rights following his transition. Through his efforts, he has effectively heightened awareness on this important issue. Despite grappling with weight issues, Bono initially explored surgical and cosmetic interventions to expedite the process. Ultimately, he decided to pursue natural methods for weight loss.

He has consistently upheld the modifications in his lifestyle, cultivating beneficial habits and opting for nutritious foods, in addition to regularly working out at the gym. Consequently, he achieved a remarkable weight loss of 85 pounds! Presently, Bono is practically unrecognizable from his previous self and appears significantly more fit.

Kelly Clarkson – 40 Pounds

Kelly Clarkson has gained recognition for her powerful vocals, but little did we expect her to also become renowned for her curvaceous physique. As Kelly Clarkson continued to advance her career following her time on American Idol, she also experienced weight gain. However, when she emerged as the host of the recent Billboard Music Awards, spectators were taken aback by her significant weight loss.

Following media coverage, Clarkson publicly acknowledged the impact of a book written by cardiac surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry, which highlighted the hidden risks of supposedly nutritious foods that may lead to weight gain and illnesses. Her daily routine underwent a transformation after she herself was diagnosed with a thyroid condition in 2006. Ever since making adjustments, she radiates with health and vitality!

Star Jones – 160 Pounds

Star Jones, the co-host of the renowned panel show “The View,” is up next. During her time as a panelist on the ABC show from 1997 to 2006, she was known for her fuller figure. At that time, she was at her highest weight. Nevertheless, there was a significant change in her appearance!

The co-host decided to leave her previous overweight self behind a couple of years after her appearance on the show. She underwent both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries in order to improve her health. The reason behind this decision was the severe impact her weight had on her overall well-being. If she hadn’t taken action, her life could have been at risk. Although she used to disregard her weight in the past, the seriousness of the situation motivated her to make a change. As a result, she has successfully shed 160 pounds. Quite an impressive transformation, isn’t it?

Claire Richards Lost 80 Pounds

Is anyone familiar with the band Steps? If you happen to be a fan, we have an exciting update for you! During the late 90s, Steps gained significant popularity, especially within the pop group scene. Despite their success, the band, including singer Claire Richards and her fellow members, decided to disband in 2001.

At this juncture, vocalist Richards began to gain some weight. Seeking sustenance to support her, Richards accumulated approximately 80 pounds in addition to her petite physique. However, she became aware that she had reached an unhealthy state. She dedicated herself to exercising and adopting a proper diet, resulting in shedding all the excess weight. As a result, she now appears stunning and is truly admirable!

Rachel Frederickson – 155 Pounds

Observing a program such as “The Biggest Loser,” one inevitably empathizes with the contestants’ challenges and experiences immense satisfaction upon witnessing their triumph during weigh-ins! Starting at 300 pounds, the champion of the 2012 season dedicated herself to intense efforts in order to achieve her remarkable transformation.

Rachel Frederickson underwent rigorous workouts and significant calorie reduction, resulting in a remarkable weight loss of nearly 200 pounds! By the season finale, she weighed only 110 pounds. Subsequently, she has gained 20 pounds, a much healthier weight. Her transformation is truly astounding – with the help of a few plastic surgery procedures to address excess skin, Frederickson has undergone a complete physical metamorphosis.

Chrissy Metz – 100 Pounds

Chrissy Metz appeared to be in the perfect place at the perfect time when the opportunity for the TV series “This Is Us” arose. However, as she delved into acting, Metz encountered a challenge that seemed to persist: her weight. Struggling with weight issues made it challenging for the actress to secure new roles.

Metz realized that the weight gain was impacting both her physical and mental well-being, prompting her to make a change. She committed to a 2000-calorie diet and daily exercise routine, resulting in an impressive 100lbs weight loss. Well done, Metz!

Christina Aguilera – 50 Pounds

The singer, with her stunning peroxide-blonde hair, blue eyes, and full lips, has always been a beauty! She rocked those super low-slung jeans that sat perfectly on her hips – a la Dirrty. But Christina Aguilera also desired to have a child. Therefore, she had to gain a few pounds to welcome her little one!

The singer gained nearly 50 pounds, which is quite a significant amount considering her petite frame. However, she remained determined and committed to getting back in shape. Through practicing yoga, working with a trainer, and making changes to her diet, she successfully shed the weight she had gained!

Jennifer Hudson – 80 Pounds

Sure. Prior to discussing her weight loss journey, let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing talent of Jennifer Hudson as a singer. Her rendition of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” in “Dreamgirls” was truly phenomenal. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend searching for it online! Back in 2005, Hudson rose to fame on “American Idol,” paving the way for a successful career ahead.

In her private life, she faced numerous challenges and difficulties, which gradually resulted in significant weight gain. She found herself nearly 80 pounds overweight and feeling down. However, she reached a point where she decided to take action and made it her ultimate goal to shed those extra pounds without resorting to gastric sleeve or surgery. Hudson committed herself to a strict diet, exercised regularly, and successfully lost 80 pounds! What an incredible achievement! Moreover, she is absolutely stunning!

Gabourey Sidibe – 150 Pounds

Have you watched “Precious” yet? If not, we highly suggest you check it out ASAP. The lead role was portrayed by the talented newcomer Gabourey Sidibe. Despite receiving numerous awards for her outstanding performance, the actress was surprised by her struggle with weight.

Her noticeable weight was clearly affecting her confidence, leading to a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. After this wake-up call, she made the decision to change her lifestyle and opted for weight loss surgery. The outcome? She has shed nearly 150 pounds!

Eminem – 81 Pounds

Eminem appears to have discovered that his own music can be motivating during workouts – I bet “Just Lose It” is a must-have on many intense gym playlists, don’t you think? With more than 155 million albums sold globally, the rapper is undeniably one of the most successful and admired artists ever. But in 2007, Eminem faced a near-death experience due to an overdose of sleeping pills.

Once he got better, he entered a rehabilitation center and was guided towards a healthier lifestyle. During his time in rehab, he did gain some weight. The nickname ‘Slim Shady’ no longer suited him! However, he decided to prioritize his well-being and stuck to a disciplined diet, losing an impressive 81 pounds within a few months!

Natalie Portman – 20 Pounds

Starting off slim can make it challenging to lose more weight, but dedicated actors and actresses will do whatever it takes for a role. Portman, who is naturally slender, lost 20 pounds to play a ballerina in “Black Swan.” Her commitment to the intense movie is truly admirable.

Portman’s portrayal of Nina Sayers received widespread praise worldwide, although it came with its challenges. To embody the role, she adhered to a strict whole foods diet and intense workout regimen to achieve the desired appearance. Ballerinas are typically known for their slender physique, and Portman definitely nailed it!

Kim Kardashian – 70 Pounds

Kim Kardashian, undoubtedly one of the most well-known women globally, is credited with popularizing the return of a voluptuous and curvaceous figure. This reality TV personality, model, and socialite (and let’s not forget actress) is celebrated for her enviable curves and mesmerizing booty. However, there was a time when those curves went slightly overboard.

Kim Kardashian, the famous star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” faced challenges with weight gain following the birth of her first child, North. However, being a celebrity has its perks, including the ability to hire top-notch professionals. By working with a personal trainer and addressing her cravings, Kim managed to shed an impressive 70 pounds. It seems that the secret to her success was the Atkins diet. So why not give it a try?

Zach Galifianakis – 50 Pounds

During the production of “The Hangover,” the movie that catapulted its entire cast to superstardom, Zach Galifianakis didn’t get left behind. Back then, he had a bit more weight on him, but despite appearing at ease in his role, it turns out it bothered him.

Galifianakis embarked on a mission to lose weight and adopted a fresh fitness regimen and diet! He decided to give up alcohol and prioritize his health, resulting in an impressive weight loss of approximately 50 pounds! Consequently, he transitioned to playing fewer “fat-guy” roles.

Christian Bale – 70 Pounds

Christian Bale is known for his incredible ability to transform himself for different acting roles. He can effortlessly change his appearance to fit the character he is portraying, whether it’s slimming down to a waif-like frame or bulking up for a more muscular look.

The commitment is truly impressive. Particularly, Bale’s incredible transformation for his role in “The Machinist” involved losing 70 pounds. Just think about the joy he must have experienced while regaining a healthy weight! We can only imagine that his doctor had concerns about him reaching such a small size, but it also solidified his reputation as an actor who wholeheartedly dedicated himself to his craft.

Kate Hudson – 25 Pounds

Kate Hudson, the talented actress, has become a proud brand ambassador for Weight Watchers. She has embraced their program to regain her pre-pregnancy shape and maintain it after welcoming her third child in 2019. In the same year, during December, she took on the role of a global ambassador and shared her inspiring weight loss journey, successfully achieving her goal of shedding 25 pounds.

1. She appreciates WW for being a sustainable weight loss solution that focuses on keeping the weight off. For her, the best part of WW is the freedom to eat what you desire while being mindful; it has been a great learning experience about food.

Miranda Lambert – 20 Pounds

Being in the spotlight all the time, it takes a lot of effort to maintain a polished image. Miranda Lambert, the talented country singer, understands this all too well. She managed to shed 20 pounds, showcasing an even more stunning figure on the red carpet.

She revealed her tips to “Women’s Health,” mentioning that ditching diets and opting for mindful healthy options such as fruit over fries made a significant difference for her. The artist also suggests incorporating more vegetables, green juice, and incorporating run-walk intervals into your routine! If it leads to a physique like hers – count us in!

Angela Deem – 90 Pounds

Reality television can be so addictive, especially when it comes to TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days”. Angela Deem and her funny moments with her then-fiancé Michael Ilesanmi really stood out as one of the show’s breakout stars.

Angela appeared self-assured about her appearance on the show, but in reality, she was dealing with the challenge of accepting her weight gain. To address this, Angela decided to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery, liposuction, and breast reduction, leading to a remarkable weight loss of nearly 100 pounds.

Ree Drummond – 60 Pounds

Ree Drummond, known as the “Pioneer Woman” and a renowned cookbook author and television star, faced challenges in achieving her fitness objectives. One particular evening, while indulging in a late-night snack of chips and salsa, Ree had a moment of realization. She acknowledged that she had exceeded her limits and hit a low point. This prompted her to embark on a weight-loss journey, which ultimately led to an impressive accomplishment of shedding nearly 60 pounds!

She may still enjoy her rich desserts, but she humorously mentioned that she opts for a Rhode Island-sized portion rather than a Texas-sized one. Great tip!

Rob McElhenney – 70 Pounds

Rob McElhenney, the actor from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” surprised everyone by completely transforming his lifestyle to get fit after gaining 60 pounds for season 7.

He not only lost the weight he gained for the show, but he also gained a significant amount of muscle definition. Despite now having an impressive physique, the actor confesses that the journey was incredibly challenging. From restricting his eating times to running three miles daily, Rob has truly dedicated himself to this transformation!

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