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Are you looking to shed a few pounds before summer arrives? Engaging in regular exercise is a commendable beginning, but altering your dietary habits will have the most significant impact. Unsure about which diet to opt for? Participate in our quiz, and we will provide you with guidance on how to prepare for beach season effectively and, above all, enjoyably!

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    How much do you like sport?

    • I like to be active, I walk a lot but don’t practice anything
    • Does watching football on TV count?
    • I like to try something new – some hot yoga or something like this
    • Yes, I often spend time at gym
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    What your character trait you can be proud of?

    • Energy overfills me
    • I can listen to people, empathize, I always encourage and help
    • I’m always on top of things
    • I’m a very discreet and calm person
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    From tomorrow you’re on a diet, it means today…

    • I need to make up a general nutrition plan, to prepare everything
    • I need to look for inspiration, to check celebrities’ photos
    • Have it large!
    • I’ll tell my friends about it, they’ll support me
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    You need a diet to:

    • Work off excess weight, but calmly without stress
    • Step-by-step shift to other dietary regime
    • Lose weight. Quickly!
    • Try something new. I like experiments
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    A bad diet is when you:

    • Always want to eat
    • Lose only 1 pound
    • When you have no inspiration and an alive example in front of your eyes
    • Swallow some powders and pills

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