What Decade Do You Actually Belong In?

What Decade Do You Actually Belong In?

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    Imagine you’re transported into a TV show. What set would be your number one pick?

    • Friends. A supportive squad (sans social media pressures) sounds pretty perfect rn.
    • Gossip Girl—the OG, ofc. Fabulous fashion + gorgeous, over-the-top occasions = exactly your style.
    • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. It’s only a matter of time before you become BFFs with Olivia Rodrigo (and write a song together, natch).
    • Wizards of Waverly Place. First on your list? Casting a spell to make homework optional…forever.
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    What’s your number one New Year’s resolution for 2022?

    • Spend more IRL time with the people you heart.
    • Give yourself a confidence glow-up that’s long overdue.
    • Speak your mind more often and stand up for your values.
    • Pick up new passions, from meditation to creative writing.
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    It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so choose a ~super dreamy~ crush:

    • Alex, your lifelong best friend who’s only just starting to feel like something more.
    • Parker, captain of the tennis team and already voted Most Likely to Succeed in basically everything.
    • Taylor, an amazing artist who always seems lost in inspiring thoughts (and listens to everything you have to say).
    • Logan, the new kid at school who’s a total mystery you just *have* to figure out.
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    Let’s get deep, what’s your biggest struggle atm?

    • Setting boundaries with social media.
    • Prioritizing self-care over pleasing others.
    • Living in the moment instead of romanticizing the past.
    • Planning ahead and following through on your goals.
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    If you had to wear the same outfit every day for an entire year, you’d have to go with…

    • Mom jeans, an oversized hoodie and combat boots (thrifted, obvi).
    • Matching tracksuit over a white tank plus platform kicks.
    • Simple cozy cute: black leggings, graphic tee and Converse.
    • Something super out there—think printed pants and a contrasting top. You’d rather stand out than get lost in the crowd.

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