Self Control Test – Can You Control Yourself?

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Is it easy for you to control your temper in a high-stress situation? Are you ready to learn more about yourself? Take this quiz to determine your level of self-control.

  • Question of

    What kind of actor would you be?

    • Playacting is not about me
    • I like to try on different roles
    • I easily stay in a new character
  • Question of

    Other people notice that I’m feeling more than I show.

    • Yes, I often hear about from people I know
    • Only during straight and heartwarming talks, when I’m opener to people
    • No, I’m an open book
  • Question of

    If something disappoints me…

    • You can immediately understand it by my face
    • Everything depends on a situation and environment
    • I never show true feelings
  • Question of

    In a group of people, I…

    • Immediately become the center of attention
    • Firstly, I earn people’s trust and then get to know them closer
    • I’m lost and anxious, cannot establish a contact with people at once
  • Question of

    While talking to different people, I…

    • Act differently with different people
    • Act as they deserve it
    • Stay who I am and talk to all people on equal terms
  • Question of

    It’s difficult for me to restrain myself and not to say everything I think to strangers even if they didn’t ask me about it

    • No, I’m quite reserved
    • Depends on a situation: I’ll speak out in a critical moment and keep silent some other time
    • Yes, I often criticize myself for excessive talkativeness

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