Quiz: How much are you enjoying life?

In the fast-paced and tumultuous world of today, numerous individuals find themselves constantly occupied, leaving little room to pause and relax. Undoubtedly, you can relate to this predicament! Are you familiar with the art of savoring the simple pleasures in life, such as pleasant weather, engaging conversations, or a steaming cup of tea? Are you of the opinion that true happiness resides in these modest joys? Embark on this quiz to ascertain the answer!

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    A friend invited you to a party.

    • Wow! It’ll be fun!
    • Great. But I have nothing to wear
    • No, thanks
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    Would you like to travel around the world?

    • Yes, I even have it all planned out!
    • Yes. But I need to prepare everything and save some money
    • I’ll never be able to afford that
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    When I’m in a bad mood…

    • I try to entertain myself
    • I know that it’ll pass
    • I start to remember all my failures
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    Do you feel depressed when you think about getting old?

    • No. Any age has its beautiful sides
    • I’m too young to think about it
    • Yes, it’s very depressing
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    What will you do if you put on a few kilos?

    • It’s alright. I’ll still be in a good shape.
    • I’ll start a diet
    • I’ll get depressed and start eating even more

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