How Much Of A Bitch Are You?

Being assertive is a form of artistic expression. It encompasses more than just rudeness and arrogance. It embodies self-assurance, the pursuit of excellence, and a hint of self-interest. Do you identify with this portrayal or do you lean towards being reserved and introverted? Engage in a series of questions and we shall uncover the truth!

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    You agreed about a meeting at 7 p.m. You’re in the right place, but there is no-one. What will you do?

    • I’m on time an at the right place? Never! I am always at least 15 minutes late
    • I’ll wait for a while and then, angrily, I’ll be on my way.
    • No means no. I will leave!
    • I’ll wait, call, ask what’s wrong. I’ll wait a little more
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    How do you listen to music?

    • I’m always with portable speakers
    • In headphones, but louder
    • In my car, maximum volume!
    • In headphones to make no one hear it
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    Imagine you need to choose an extra subject for university. What do you want to study?

    • Literature
    • Political science, persuasion of the masses, something of that kind
    • Psychology
    • Business
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    What chocolate do you like most?

    • Only bitter. 82% cocoa. And don’t even try to offer something esle.
    • Everybody knows – white – end of story
    • Well, any
    • Milk, of course
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    You want to meet a friend at a cafe. How will you get there?

    • I have my personal driver
    • I’ll take the bus or underground
    • I’ll call a taxi. Ideally, Uber
    • By foot, it’s near
  • Question of

    So, you are at the cafe. Do you have food preferences?

    • No, I like any food
    • I’m a vegetarian
    • I prefer natural healthy products
    • Yes. Gluten-free, everything natural and organic
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    You start to talk to a stranger with this phrase:

    • Hello. I’d like to know..
    • Good afternoon! Excuse me, please, could you…?
    • Well, I need…
    • Hi. I need…
  • Question of

    Is it easy for you to forgive people?

    • Yes, but I do remember unpleasant things
    • No, a few deserve it
    • Not so easy
    • Of course! Peace, friendship, chewing gum

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