Your house will always smell wonderfully fresh with this simple trick.

It's also a lot less expensive than a store-bought air freshener.Even the most mundane actions may leave an odour in your home, although they are unremarkable. Preparing meals, grooming the dog, and cleaning up a spilt drink are all things that need to be done. It's just business as usual.

Your house will always smell wonderfully fresh with this simple trick.

Musty odour

When you step inside your own house, you don't expect to smell anything unusual. It's known as odour blindness. That doesn't mean your home isn't loaded with strange scents, or at the very least, musty air. Do you wish to add a pleasant scent to your home? You could purchase an air freshener from the shop, but breathing such fumes isn't healthy. Fortunately, there is another option!

Rosemary with lemon

Are you lucky enough to have lemon and rosemary on hand? Good! Because you're going to need this to produce your air freshener. The benefit of this is that it is inexpensive, and you can be certain that your homemade air freshener will smell good.


Air fresheners may, of course, be purchased at the shop. But did you know that you can create one yourself with a little effort? Only a saucepan, water, lemon, rosemary, and vanilla essence are required.

Here's how you make it:

Fill a large saucepan halfway with water and bring to a boil.

Slice the lemon and toss it in with the thyme sprigs and 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence in the water.

During the day, keep it on low heat and add water as needed.

This will ensure that your home smells fresh throughout the day.

In a burner

The lady in the video above keeps the pot on the stove all day, but the aromatic water may also be used in an oil or perfume burner. Allow the perfumes to disperse into the water by leaving the pot with the ingredients on the burner for a while. After that, remove the rosemary and lemon slices from the water and pour a portion of it onto a burner. Because a candle warms the liquid, it will naturally distribute the aroma, so you won't have to keep a pot simmering on the stove all day.


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