Lifehack: this is why you should stick two forks in a tomato

Make your life easier in the kitchen by using this time-saving tip! When we come across useful tips and tricks, we wonder, "Why didn't we think of it sooner?" One of those lifehacks is the one we've got for you today, which involves a tomato and two forks. What makes this method so unique? To begin with, you'll save a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Have we piqued your interest in what this trick is all about? Then continue to read!

Lifehack: this is why you should stick two forks in a tomato

If you haven't already learned about the numerous sorts of tomatoes, here's a quick refresher!

Tomatillo breed

There are specialized dishes that call for particular varieties of tomato. You'll always know what kind of tomato to use thanks to this list!

Typical tomatoes

We've all heard of these tomatoes because they're usually the most affordable. What's the best way to use these tomatoes? Simmered dishes. Tomatoes can also be used in salads, making them a genuine all-arounder..

This is a roma tomato

These tomatoes are renowned in Italy because of their strong structure and full-bodied taste. The oblong shape of these tomatoes makes it easy to identify them. They're very good in a rich sauce. This makes them ideal for making pasta sauces and rice side dishes!

The tomato plant that grows up the stems

When it comes to color, these tomatoes are a little more brilliant and sweeter tasting. For a light salad, they're a great choice. Sandwiches are also a great place to put them!

Tomato and beef

Regular tomatoes are much smaller in comparison to beef tomatoes. In addition to being'meatier,' as the name implies, these tomatoes are also more flavorful. Beef tomatoes' structure makes them ideal for hot foods like soups, sauces, and risottos.

Tomatoes with a cherry on top

A lot of people enjoy these small tomatoes. In between meals, they're a lovely treat that's both sweet and filling. Cheese is a great accompaniment to these tomatoes. A cheese pizza or some risotto could benefit from the addition of these spices. Are you using ordinary tomatoes in your salad? For a delicious twist, toss in a couple cherry tomatoes.

In a tomato, two forks are needed.

In one of the 5-Minute Crafts videos, we found this useful tip. The image depicts a tomato being stabbed with two forks. The forks should be inserted into the length of the tomato, and just one tooth should be overlapped by the prongs. A knife can then be used to cut between the fork's teeth on a cutting board. In only a few seconds, you'll have uniformly sized slices of bread! Isn't that how it should be?

This trick may be seen in action beginning at 2:26 in the video below.

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