Lifehack: 5 surprising ways to use a bobby pin at home

These hairpin tactics can be really useful. If you have a family member or friend with long hair, there is a good chance that you have a box of bobby pins laying around somewhere. Having this on hand is beneficial because bobby pins may be used for much more than just holding your locks in place. Have you ever considered utilizing bobby pins in any of the following five ways?

Lifehack: 5 surprising ways to use a bobby pin at home

For the purpose of completing packages

How often do you find yourself opening the plastic bags of rice, pasta, and chips in your kitchen cupboard? With the help of a bobby pin, you may simply correct this situation. Roll the top of the bag up and slip the pin over the top of the bag to secure it. This ensures that your food remains sealed and fresh for a longer period of time.

As a place to put a bookmark

You don't have a bookmark with you when you're reading? Then locate a pin and secure it to the page where you were last seen. This way, you'll be sure to keep the correct page for when you need it again.

in order to loosen the end of a piece of tape

What about when the end of an adhesive tape roll pops back up and attaches to the roll? Do you find it bothersome when this happens all the time? To save yourself from having to pry the tape off again and again, place a bobby pin at the end of it after you've got it. You will be able to locate the beginning of the tape this way right away.

To empty tubes, use a funnel.

Here's a simple tip for extending the life of a bottle of toothpaste or cream that's nearly empty. The top of the tube should be rolled up and secured with a pin. As the residual contents are pushed towards the cap of the tube, you will have an easier time using up what is left over.

When driving a nail, be careful not to damage the nail.

A hairpin might even come in helpful when doing odd duties around the house. To hold a nail in place while you hammer, wrap a bobby pin around the end of the nail. You'll avoid hitting the nail with a crooked hammer, and you'll lessen the likelihood of your thumb accidently becoming entangled in the hammer.

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