Life Hack: 07 Rubbing Alcohol Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

Rubbing alcohol may be the greatest invention known to man. While there are a number of obvious things you can do with rubbing alcohol — like take off nail polish and clean out a cut — there is so much more you can do with this cleaning product. From stretching out shoes to removing pesky stickers to even combatting underarm sweat, rubbing alcohol takes care of it all. So, if you have some sitting around your home that you don’t know what to do with, here is a list of hacks that’ll change your life!

Life Hack: 07 Rubbing Alcohol Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

Clean Your Jewelry

Jewelry, especially diamond rings or silver necklaces, look nice and shiny when they’re first purchased. However, they do get a little dull over time. If you notice your jewelry just isn’t shining as it used to, soak them in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes.

This will remove any dirt or grime and make your jewelry look as good as new! Once you take your pieces out of the alcohol, simply clean them off with a cloth and they should be as shiny as ever.

Remove Fingerprints

Do you hate seeing fingerprints all over your stainless steel appliances? If so, you’re not alone. While it’s hard to avoid getting marks all over your once-shiny fridge, there is an easy way to get them off.

Simply put a little bit of rubbing alcohol onto a clean rag and wipe down your fridge. This will take off the fingerprints completely and leave your appliance looking fabulous. So don’t panic about your kids touching everything… it can all come off

Stretch Out Tight Shoes

There are very few things worse than tight shoes, especially tight high heels. Who wants to walk around feeling like their feet are being squeezed? Not me! If you struggle with tight shoes, spray a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the inside and outside of the shoes.

Then, once you’ve lightly covered them, wear them around the house with a thick pair of socks. This will help to stretch them out and make them a lot more comfortable when you need to wear them again.

See Ya, Frost

If you live in the Midwest, North, or East Coast, you probably understand the struggles of dealing with a frosted car window in the winter. Thankfully, rubbing alcohol can keep your windows fairly frost-free.

Mix half a cup of rubbing alcohol with a fourth of a cup of water and use a sponge to wash your window with the mixture. Do all the windows around the car (especially the back window). This will remove frost, but it’ll also help prevent it from forming so easily the next time.

Bye Fruit Flies

If you’ve never had to deal with fruit flies, consider yourself lucky! But, if you have dealt with fruit flies, you know how annoying they can be. Fruit flies are attracted to moisture, which is why they’re most prevalent in the summer when it is hot and humid inside.

While they can be hard to control, rubbing alcohol can take care of them. If you find fruit flies in your home, spray rubbing alcohol in the area. It will kill the fruit flies, as well as prevent them from returning in the future. 

Perfect Granite Cleaner

Stop buying expensive cleaners to use on your nice countertops. While those probably work well and get the job done, you don’t need to be spending lots of money on cleaning products.

Rubbing alcohol mixed with water and essential oils is actually a wonderful cleaner for granite countertops, as it’s not abrasive and isn’t filled with a bunch of unnecessary chemicals. Plus, it gets the job done in no time. You can even keep your homemade solution in a spray bottle for easy use.

Get Rid of Hair Lice

If you’re anything like me, then you have recurring nightmares about finding lice in your hair. While it may only seem like something elementary school kids have to deal with, the truth is anyone can get lice at any age.

But, all you need to do to deal with it is to pour rubbing alcohol on your hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Once you’ve let it sit, wash it out with water. After the initial treatment, dip a comb in alcohol and comb it through your hair.

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